About Forktyre

The Company

Originally founded in 1989, Forktyre is today a family owned and operated business based in South East Queensland, specialising in the manufacture and supply of polyurethane wheels, rollers and other parts for industrial clients, mainly in the materials handling, warehousing, theme park and mining sectors.

Within the business we have over 23 years experience in the field, in both local and international markets.

What We Do

We specialise in polyurethane product manufacture and polyurethane to metal bonding processing, manufacturing from casts or from moulds. Wheels, rollers and other custom parts can be manufactured to specification - polyurethane can be custom moulded to any shape, reasonable size and hardness. We can advise on appropriate compound choices depending on the application, taking into account factors such as durability, load, floor surface and general operating environment. The company also performs all machining and tooling in-house to ensure cost, delivery and quality control targets are met.

We aim to continue to be the benchmark in the industry, maintaining and adopting the latest design and manufacturing technology.

Forktyre products are well known for their toughness, long life and durability. Don't compromise with your choice of polyurethane components – choose Forktyre.